10 great ideas for bedrooms from the new Ikea catalog

10 great ideas for bedrooms from the new Ikea catalog


Ikea has proposed that we sleep well in 2020 and has decided to focus its catalog on rest"We have somehow accepted that the price that had to be paid to reach everything we set out to do were the hours of sleep," they denounce in the first pages and claim that "It is time that we are also aware that a good rest is essential for our body and mind to function properly, to feel good and to enjoy life. There is no better method for a better day to day than a good rest. "

And there is nothing better to sleep well than to see a pleasant atmosphere before closing your eyes. To get it, We have analyzed the new catalog sheet by sheet and have extracted the most great ideas to decorate our bedroom. From solutions to take advantage of every inch of our room without feeling overwhelmed to inspiration to give it an original and artistic touch. Make your bedroom a perfect refuge.

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1- Large capacity

Ikea modular furniture works miracles. An example is the headboard-dressing that they have devised with the PLATSA cabinets. The bed base are also modules of this series. Everything is used here.

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2- Waitress of my love

Undoubtedly, one of the most instantaneous crush we have had with the new catalog is LUBBAN (€ 59), a table with wheels (or waitress) of rattan and steel that appears used as a bedside table.

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3- Bedroom with children

When you have just had a baby, it is very important to have everything you need close at night (but in some bedrooms it is an impossible mission. In this Ikea has placed a crib at the foot of the bed and turned one of the bedside tables into a changer

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4- Ikea hack

We love Ikea hacks, but we like them even more when it is Ikea herself who does it. In the 2020 catalog they dare with the comfortable RAST (€ 29) painting them with the same colors and patterns as the wall behind them. They almost go unnoticed.

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5- Know how to differentiate

We usually complain about small bedrooms, but a large one sometimes brings problems when decorating it. If your room is a good size, place a bookcase next to the bed and take the opportunity to make a dressing room. In the image they have achieved it with the ELVARLI series.

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6- Two for one

When we don't have a very large bedroom, you have to make decisions: Storage or dressing table? Both! Record this idea of ​​Ikea and place a three-leaf mirror on a dresser. You can use one of the top drawers to store makeup, creams, jewelry ...

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7- Sleep in the forest

We love this so bohemian and natural idea of ​​Ikea. Place a vertical garden or hanging plants on the wall behind your bed and you will feel that you sleep in the middle of nature. If, in addition, they have a relaxing aroma, you will fall into the arms of Morpheus as if by magic.

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8- Do a lot with little

A wasted corner of your bedroom can be many things. Ikea proposes to turn it into a desk-dressing table with BRIMNES (€ 69).

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9- A special touch (and low cost)

With imagination, you don't have to spend a lot of money to achieve an interesting result. As an example this bedroom in which several REGOLIT paper screens (€ 2 / unit) have been placed in which only one is a lamp, the rest creates a sculptural effect.

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10- DIY delux

When you have a small bedroom, the 10 centimeters of a headboard can be vital. Choose not to put it on and make a design with moldings that will bring style without taking up anything. We already show you an example of Deleite Design and now Ikea offers us this more classic.

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